Have your say on rubbish

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We know you feel strongly about it and we are soon to do a waste review, so let's hear your opinion.

What do you like, want changed, want done better, want added in, want thrown out or just can't live without?Do you have a great idea? From your weekly rubbish pick up, our Resource Recovery Centres, illegal dumping, bins in town and at beaches, right through to our zero waste strategy, we're sure you've got views on something to do with rubbish.

​All feedback will be appreciated and considered during the review planning. You can use the online feedback form below to send us your thoughts.

And if you want to be kept in the loop on the Waste Management review and be automatically notified of any updates or formal submission periods you can sign up through our newsletters page​.

Thank's for letting us know what you think.​

Have your say on rubbish

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