Planning Guidance and Resource Consents

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Will you need a Resource Consent?

​​​Opotiki District Council issues two types of resource consent covering land use and subdivisions.

Any development, be it subdivision or other proposed use of a site, must be assessed against the Council's District Plan. Anything not permitted by the plan requires a resource consent.

You only need to apply for a Land Use Resource Consent if a building or proposed activity doesn't comply with the current district plan.

You need a Subdivision Resource Consent if a new section is to be created from an existing section, or you're planning to adjust the boundary of your property.

The District Plan allows some activities to proceed as a Permitted Activity. There are differences, depending on whether a site is in a Residential, Rural, Coastal, Coastal Settlement, Ohiwa Harbour, Industrial, Mixed Activity or Town Centre Zone. If a proposal does not comply with the standards for the zone it occupies, then a resource consent is required.​​

Activities that may require a resource consent range from building too close to the boundary, to planning a new multi-level apartment building, to wanting to set up a work from home business.

Resource consent applications have a statutory processing timeframe of 20 working days, provided all the relevant information is attached and the application can be processed without limited or public notification.

Feedback and requests for further advice at an early stage is encouraged.​  You can direct resource consent enquires to our Regulatory and Planning team by phone on (07) 3153030 or email​ or by using our online Request for Information form.​

How to apply for a Resource Consent

You will need to complete a Resource Consent Application (PDF, 34KB).  ​​An initial fee for processing this application will be charged at the time of lodgement in accordance with the Planning and Resource Management Fees and Charges schedule​​ (PDF, 678KB).

Further information on fees, and information that is required to be lodged with your application, can be found in the Resource Consent Application document.​​

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